Anyone can build muscle if they try. There are many methods bodybuilders use that will help you out, too. You just need to know the best techniques and how to use them for yourself. In the following article, you can find some excellent methods for adding more muscle to your frame.

Consume plenty of protein if you wish to increase your muscle mass. Protein synthesis is the process your body uses to store protein. In this way, muscles can be built and gain greater strength. You’ll find protein in many natural sources such as meat, fish, beans and dairy.

When you are working on muscle building, it is vital to keep a journal tracking your training regimen. This is important to know what you’re progress is if you’re trying to build muscle. A fitness log is a good way to accomplish this. Note each time that you workout, and record which exercises you did, and how many reps of each. This will help you see how well you do over time and will increase the likelihood that you continue with your program.

Always stretch thoroughly after working out to give your muscles the best chance to repair and grow properly. If you are younger than forty years old, you should be capable of maintaining each stretch for half a minute. If you are past 40, you should hold it for twice as long. This will lessen the chances of your body getting injured while doing weight training exercises.

You can always cheat a bit as you lift weights. If you need to use a bit of your body to get those last couple of reps in, it’s okay. In fact, this is a great way to increase your workout volume. That being said, it’s not a good idea to cheat too often. Make sure to perform all your reps at a controlled speed. Don’t let your reps get sloppy.

You can build muscle if you set your mind to it. Incorporate the tips that you have learned here and apply them to your own workout regimen for the best possible results. By using proper information and good techniques, you will hit your goals.